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Collection of ETourandTravel Reviews from real past guests and travelers. Real reviews by real ETour customers. Not many ETourandTravel complaints here! If you are skeptical print and compare the dates to the ETourandTravel Fan Page Facebook timeline. There you can click their names and see they are all real.

Jazzy Jay posted on 4/04/2013:
I enjoyed my trip last year and it was beautiful. They paid for me to come down to Florida in a rental car u have to pay the taxes and the hotel taxes and parking if u park in the garage. Overall it was a nice trip and there property is so beautiful. I did buy a trip back to stay on the property for seven days this year. It also came with two other trips. I can't wait to go on my trip.

Shannon Hansen posted on 3/05/2013:
Just got back from our 5d/4n vacation in Orlando and my only regret is that........IT WASN'T LONG ENOUGH!!!!! We had GREAT time and can't wait to go back!!! Thanks ETourandTravel Fan Page for the WONDERFUL experience!!!

Hollie Hamlin posted on 3/04/2013:
I took my honeymoon in 2006 using E tour and i was so afraid it was to good to be true, even after going to the wrong airport and being a day late getting to Fla. Everything went awsome! Car was ready hotel was ready attraction tickets honored! Im going to use them asap to get my little girl to Fla. And look into the Timwshares they are really nice

Shannon Hansen of Stockbridge, GA posted on 1/24/2013:
Let me start by saying that I have been nothing but impressed by the level of customer service I have received. I initially booked my trip in April 2012, but due to unforeseen circumstances (life) I have had to r/s several times. Every time the rep was more than understanding and never gave me any hassle. We are FINALLY going on our trip next month and I can NOT wait!! These next few weeks are going to go by so slow....LOL!! But I wrote all this to say thank you ETourandTravel Fan Page for your excellent customer service and a special thanks to Jamie and Pierre!!!

Erika Garrison of Joplin posted on 12/19/2012:
just wanted to thank you guys for making my dream vacation a breeze. Cant wait to come again & show my new son the ocean & amusment parks. Hopefully u will be hearing from me soon, my bags are half packed! Ive been ready to come back since i left. thanks again!

Charles H. of Leduc, Alberta posted on 6/14/2012:
WOW!! I dont know what peoples problem is on here? alot of whinning and complaining.. I took this trip 4 years ago and had a blast with my wife (just wish I had more time in Daytona instead of Orlando) and we are planning on booking again in the next few months but this time with our 4 year old son.. the memories will be great!!

Naveed M. of (town not disclosed) responded to a photo posted on 6/13/2012:
time to go to Florida again!! OMG getting ready for my trip to FLORIDA DISNEY..... i love they are the best to arrange my trip including rental car & hotel & Disney parks.. friendly people to work with.

Nancy W.-G. of Vail, Arizona posted on 6/5/2012:
Getting our rental car from the Orlando airport was a piece of cake. The Orlando Sheraton North was BEAUTIFUL! The first half (first 3 nights) of our trip was/were great!

Charlenesomethingnew M. Huntsville, Alabama on 5/16/2012:
I love these guys. PEOPLE they are the real deal! You can't blame a person for not knowing.....but more you know so....don't sleep on Etour and Travel. If so you missing out.

Dorothy B. of (town not disclosed on Facebook), Tennessee on 5/10/2012:
Well me and my family went in 2011, for a week and enjoyed every minute of the trip: We even got free tickets for 2012, therefore we are traveling again in July this year: Thanks Etourand Travel

Sabrina R.of Largo, Florida on 5/9/2012:
I have great memories of my stay in Orlando, I can't wait to start planning my trip to New Smyrna! Thanks for everything, E,T&T!!!

Angelina T. of Columbus, Ohio on 5/9/2012:
my hubby & I had an awesome time in New Smyrna last August. It is so far my best vacation ever, thanks Etour.

Sabrina R. of Largo, Florida on 4/15/2012:
I just got home from my vacation in Orlando. I stayed at the Vacation Villas at Fantasy World II and had a GREAT time!! The condo unit was big, luxurious and clean. It was 3 of us and there was just enough room and we all had our own large bathroom. The staff was friendly and very helpful and I got my two 2-day Universal tickets with no problems at all! The presentation that we had to go through to get this fantastic deal was alright, but hey, I'll listen to it again to get this great deal. The only problem was no wi-fi, which I was told that they are in the process of getting it. I'm looking forward to my vaction in Daytona!!!!!!

Debra-J. S. of Huston, Texas on 3/26/2012:
WE attended this on last year. We had a blast. Everyone was nice. Planning on goiing back with the church on next year to visit The Holy Land. This is a great bargain if you want to see Florida!

David P. of Bethel, Maine on 2/29/2012:
i had a great time on my trip i need to still use my daytona leg of my trip i thing i'm coming late spring. have used my travle club i purchased from my trip love it. I have recomended your company to my friends.

Gunther G. of (town not disclosed on Facebook) on 2/7/2012:
We just returned from a great Florida vacation where we incorporated our timeshare owner weeks (not Etour related) with an Etourandtravel 6 night stay in Orlando/New Smyrna Beach for a GREAT 3 week holiday in Florida... Our thanks to Etourandtravel for accomodating a last minute change in travel plans by moving our 3 night New Smyrna stay from prior to our timeshare stay to at the back of our vacation stay in Orlando... We came home to Winnipeg yesterday and Etour called today with a "double package" offer we couldn't refuse (with a 15 day free review of the package)... That will be the third Etourandtravel package for us.. Etour also is accomodating it so we can bring our 4 legged family member along the next time around with "pet friendly" places to stay (the main key to getting this package and I hope Etour delivers on that as they have in the past)...

Jodi D. of (city not disclosed) on 1/17/2012:
Here's another reason why we go to Florida and stayed at Etourandtravel. The beautiful palm trees and pool. I love it in Florida. {she included a wonderful pic of the Kissimmee resort pool} This is one of the best places we've stayed at in a while and plan on returning this Summer... We used ours and went to Cocoa Beach on a day trip

Meg C. of Largo, Florida on 1/15/2012:
I don't think I should have ever told my five year old about going to Disney is April because now everyday he's asking me "Mom is today the day we are leaving to see Mickey? Lol thanks ETourandTravel Fan Page we are so excited!!

Katie D. of Watertown, Ohio on 1/12/2012:
We have had a WONDERFUL experience with EtourandTravel. We went to Florida with the kids for the first time for all of us, with a vacay package I bought from them, a few years ago. Everything was above and BEYOND our expectations! The rooms were astounding (we stayed at the Vacation Villas and Coconut Palms) And we've all wanted to go back and relive the magic again.... :-) I know some of these things are scams, but I gotta say...EtourandTravel is prrrreeeeeeeeetty AWESOME! :-D

Pam D. of Winnepg, Manitoba on 1/10/2012:
Took an ETourandTravel vacation to Orlando in February of 2009 and I'm ready to book again for the fall of this year! :) Fantastic places to stay and great service.

Maria P. (city not disclosed) on 1/4/2012:
E Tour and Travel! My husband and I really loved our vacation 2 years ago. Thanks so much! We can't wait to go again. Hopefully next year in 2013. By then our daughter will be 2!